Friday, May 24, 2013

Amber is five!!

We have a five-year old!

Our little Amber-ger is our medium child, very rare, and very well-done, and very excited to have celebrated her fifth birthday this month.  Even more than with Robyn, it is amazing to me that Amber has somehow sprouted up so fast.
Just born: May 2008

First birthday.  (Totally reminds me of Matthew.  Minus the pink dress.   :)

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

4th Birthday

Amber now.
Crazy, eh?  She has her Kindergarten screening this week and I just can't get the idea of her being gone all-day next year wrapped around my mind.  She is an amazing helper, always game for a bit of spontaneous silliness, and by far our best "finder."  (If anyone loses something at our house--a Sunday shoe, Mom's purse, the camera, a crayon, or whatever, Amber almost always finds it first.)  She is also a big part of the glue that holds the three sisters together, equal playmate to both Robyn and Katie.

She also plays a mean game of whack-a-mole as we discovered when we went to Chuck E. Cheese for what has sort of become a fifth-birthday tradition.

Take that!
Speaking of being more grown-up, Amber wanted a little bit "fancier" (read: less baby-ish) cake this year.  Enter the chocolate-dipped strawberries:

Here's hoping her wishes all come true!

P.S.  Had to throw this picture in just for kicks.  It's from her fourth birthday and I personally think remains the funniest shot taken of Amber to date. :D