Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow, Sew, and Ho Ho Ho

After an extended hiatus, hopefully we're back to least for today...we'll see what happens after that...
Some people can't stand the thought of Mexican food when pregnant, or suddenly despise a favorite fragrance.  Instead, for whatever bizarre reason, I developed an aversion to blogging during the first trimester this time around.  Yuck.  Just the thought of uploading pictures seemed nauseating.  Almost as weird?  Suddenly getting queasy at the thought of sewing: a perennial pregnancy problem around here.  That one has reared it's head every time since we were expecting Amber: I'll sit down at the sewing machine and as soon as the needle starts drumming up and down I start to feel seasick.  Other than a few must-happen projects (Halloween costumes and a few Christmas gifts), the sewing table has largely become a resting place for random piles of everybody's stuff.  I've come up with a few theories for it all, but mostly I'm just grateful that my worst aversions seem to be so relatively easily avoidable (there's a pair of pajamas that I still can't make myself wear either), leaving me free to eat enough Mexican for two (and then some) and continue to enjoy life in our wiggly, sometimes unavoidably smelly, world of wonderful little girls.

But, at this point, I think we're past the go-green-in-the-gills months and both the blogger dashboard and my dear little Husqvarna-Viking are back in good graces.  Yay!!

Since it would be insane to try and go back and tell all the tales we missed since last fall I think we'll just jump in here with a couple of recent photos.

1.  It finally snowed here in Syracuse.  To celebrate we took the girls out and fully froze ourselves sledding on Saturday.  I'm still trying to get feeling back in all my fingers, but we loved it!  (It was about -4 degrees outside...I know, I know, sunbathing weather in Minnesota...I'm afraid some of us have gotten "soft" living in balmy climates like upstate new york...)

Amber all rosy-cheeked from rolling around in the snow.  Her favorite part was just playing in the piles of white stuff at the bottom of the hill.

I'm not sure Katie has many memories of snow from last year.  The whole thing kind of seemed to perplex her.

Katie still confused by the whole experience.  Amber getting ready to throw a big stack of white fluff up in the air only to have it all land back on herself. 

Yay!  Someone actually sledding!  Robyn and Daddy did most of the hard-core sliding for our group.

2.  I finally sewed something just for fun.  Since it was snowing too hard to go out on Friday, I took some time cozying back up to my sewing machine while we watched the flakes piling up outside.  I'm not crazy about how the two big-girl jumpers turned out though.  Robyn's has box pleats on the bottom and Amber's has a double flounce: variations I hoped would make the dresses a little more interesting, but I have to admit I'm just not in love.  (Is it the corduroy?  the fit?  the lack of embellishment??  I'm not sure but something definitely screams home-made here...)  On the other hand, I do really like Katie's.  You can't tell very well from the picture, but it looks sweet, even without the sweater on top.  It's the second thing I've made from Butterick Pattern 3405 and I've really liked how both turned out. 

A quick picture snapped on my tablet after setting up the Primary chairs yesterday for the last time.  Weird the things you realize you'll miss when it's time for change!  (After nearly three years in the Primary at church I was released this week.  Just like the kids who graduate from Primary, you'll now find me in the youth Sunday School! :)

3.  And, last, but not least, a few Christmas morning pictures for fun.  (And because my mom might disown us if we don't finally just post some... :)

Robyn busy making breakfast on the new toy kitchen.  The kitchen actually started out as a free bathroom vanity on the side of the road, although it's had so much cosmetic surgery at this point hopefully it's not too recognizable.  (Thanks, Dad, for all your help over Thanksgiving!)

Katie with her favorite new toys:  babies who actually have clothes on!  Welcome to Katie's orphanage, little gals!  (I have never seen a girl who loved dollies--even abandoned, naked, marker-tattooed big-sister-cast-offs--so much!!)

More toy kitchen play.

Months ago Robyn started asking for a "swan pillow" for Christmas.  Hopefully this homemade interpretation was close enough to what she'd imagined: none of us could quite figure out what the heck a swan pillow was supposed to be! :)

Sugar plum fairies anyone?

Amber's penguin pillow.

Amber looking cute and cuddly in her new hat.

Playing in Maryland at Bryan's folks' place over Christmas break.  Outside.  Without coats.  On New Year's Eve.  Wow it's been a weird winter! :)
Happy New Year's, everyone!


  1. Fun Pictures!!! That is too cold for me! I am glad you were all brave enough to go outside! I use my pregnancy as an excuse not to get that cold. I just don't like being cold and wet. But you all looked like you had an awesome time!

  2. Gorgeous play kitchen!! I love to see those little girls all growing up!