Monday, April 9, 2012

Colorful Cakes

It's happens that all of the "Grandpa Birthdays" in our family fall around the same time of year, so we were amazed and delighted that we were actually able celebrate special days in person with Grandpa Gordon and then with Dah-Dee-Doh within just a couple weeks of each other this spring. 

Since birthday cakes are a big deal around here, I thought I'd post a couple pictures just for fun.  First we did a Honeybee Cake for Grandpa Gordon who raises bees...and generously keeps us stocked with the type of amazing honey that has ruined grocery-store-honey for us forever!  (Seriously, it's good enough to just eat with a spoon!)

Watch out for the stinger!

I was planning on using a similar approach to do a Bunny Cake for Dah-Dee-Doh (since their visit would coincide with Easter), but the girls quickly suggested a "Game Cake" would be more appropriate, considering that, as far as they're concerned, the ONLY reason he traveled across country was to play games (including a much-simplified version of Life) with them.  It took a little more brain-scratching, but this is what we finally came up with:

The little red car sliding off into a ditch is supposed to be there: it's the red station wagon, aka the Catmobile, that we learned to drive on as teenagers.

And since it's safe to assume we measure affection around here in terms of caloric-content and dye-density, hopefully these great men grasped (or perhaps tasted?) just how much they are loved.  Happy Birthday, Grandpas!

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