Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gold Medal Goodies

It’s hard to believe the last time the Summer Olympics came around Amber was a tiny baby and Robyn wasn’t nursery-age yet.  Four years ago on the night of the Beijing opening ceremonies we ate-our-weight in Chinese food before putting the girls to bed and snuggling up for the parade of nations. 

This year we [very briefly] considered making fish and chips for the London games, but [thankfully] we ultimately decided to settle for Olympic-themed munchies instead.  And this time the girls were old enough to enjoy the show with us. :)

Here are a few pictures of the goodies we gobbled:

Our version of a red-white-and-blue spread: red buffalo chicken dip, white popcorn, and blueberries the girls helped pick early that day.

We wanted a patriotic drink too and finally decided to freeze blueberries with water in a star-shaped ice cube tray and then floated them in red Kool-Aid.

Bryan and I had to pat ourselves on the back a little when we came up with this one.  Bryan mentioned we hadn't had Bugles in a while and it only took a moment to figure out how they could be incorporated into our Olympic theme.

Robyn raising her Bugle-and-spray-cheese Olympic torch.

A bowl full of M&M's was definitely the easiest munchie to prepare.  It was also probably the one the girls were most excited about.  Sigh.

Since the Opening Ceremonies didn't even begin until after bedtime, we decided to let the girls stay up and enjoy them sleepover-style.   Of course, it didn't take very long before this:

Because nothing compliments athletic excellency like gluttony and idleness.  (It's all about maintaining balance in the force...)
Turned into this:


 Hard to blame them though.  There are an awful lot of nations. 

And one little picture of our gold medal baby sleeping through all the fun.  Because he's cute.  And because we'll be in trouble with Grandma if we don't.

Well here's to seventeen days of summer games.  And hopefully more snacking.  (Have to keep balancing out all that athletic awesomeness somehow... :)


  1. So awesome! Wish we were more into doing the work required to do these sort of traditions! You should just move closer to us, so we can be in on the traditions kind of like moocher style! lol.

  2. you're so cool, that's all i can say about this post. also, cute baby at the end. where can i order one of those? (well technically i have one too, but i'm in the market for more).