Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Dah Dee Doh Does in a Fabric Store

We are hopelessly behind on posting pictures, but before just throwing our hands up in the air and giving-up on catching-up, I had to at least share these.  My parents came out to NY for Matthew's baby blessing in September.  It just so happened that the weekend they were in town there was also a sale on fat quarters at JoAnns, so, even though we were crazy busy, I begged them to let me run in and grab some.  Dah Dee Doh very graciously offered to entertain the girls in the store while Mom and I careened over to the calicoes. 

Later that week when we exchanged photos we were surprised to discover these pictures on Dad's camera.  And now we know what Dah Dee Doh does in a fabric store.  And guess what?  It isn't look at fabric...

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  1. Ha! My boys would love those, especially Jared!