Friday, April 5, 2013

FAIRY Uneventful Spring Break

Last weekend we played in DC.

The weekend before that, we played in NY with largely the same cast of characters.

Matthew chowing down at the all-you-can-eat maple breakfast at Critz Farms.
The rest of the crew enjoyed the breakfast too.
After all, what's there not to love about blueberry pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, maple-soaked ham, and all the yummy real maple syrup you can squirt?

Cousins in cuddly caps waiting for a demonstration at the sugar house.
Amber may have had a little too much syrup...

Guess it's not just Amber.
Grandma and Grandpa ready to go for a tractor ride out to the sugar bush!  (Aren't my mother-in-law's scarf and mittens cute? :)

Yay!  A semi-respectable family picture!
Snuggling with one of the few things sweeter than syrup.
Katie savoring an ice cream cone from Grandma on Sunday afternoon with true two-year-old zeal.
Bryan getting ready to throw a snowball at his sister on the other side of the car.

Bryan nailing his mother with a snowball instead.  It's amazing we were still invited for Easter the next week!

 And with so much fun so recently in the rear-view mirror, we decided to keep things simple this week for Robyn's spring break.  We've mostly just been savoring being home and realizing how luxurious it is to not have bus stops and preschool runs dictating out day.

Taking it easy has also given the girls some time to make up a lot of their own fun, one of my favorite examples being the "Fairy Houses" they set up one day.

This is Amber's fairly complex fairy complex.  I love the slide and water fountain out front.

If I were a fairy, I'd definitely want to stop and eat here.
Robyn's pixie palace.

A little bedroom for a little visitor.
No fairies have taken up residence yet, but with this sort of an invitation I expect a nice fairy family to move in any day now:

Robyn's sign: "I want you to live here because it's cold out!  I love you."

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