Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blooms (CNY Flower and Garden Show)

Between Bryan being out of town 7 of the last 12 days and the tenacious grip Winter still has on our area we were desperate for a family outing this weekend.  Advertisements featuring colorful flowers and the promise of spring SOMEDAY returning (coupled with free admission for kids and coupons for the adults) were enough to lure us to the Central New York Flower and Garden Show.  It didn’t hurt that the theme for this year was “Out of This World Blooms” which meant some (bizarre?) UFO/planet/spaceship decorations to help Bryan feel less out-of-place wondering around looking at flowers. 


How wonderful to see flowers again!  Besides the expected tulips and daffodils, there was also a vendor selling bouquets of pussy willow branches.  Although we didn’t buy any (almost, almost), how can anyone not feel fantastic surrounded by fuzzy little kitten-gray buds?

Doing a little putt-putt at one of the displays. 


A real-live Robyn’s nest!
I love the next three pictures.  At the children’s area there were several different picture boards to stick faces in, and, of course, we had to try them all. 


I had a hard time getting the girls to look at the camera for a picture on the deer:  they were much more interested in watching the fiendish little boy next to them in the nest trying to beat the eagle to death with large rock eggs, despite his mother’s best attempts to distract him. 


There was also a children’s scavenger hunt that each of the girls completed, so keep your fingers’ crossed for us.   Maybe between our THREE entries in the prize drawing we’ll win a chance to actually escape the wintery weather around here… 


  1. 7 out of 12 days?? Oh man, that would not sit well with me. I have to have a break every day or I would have a nervous breakdown. Looks like you found a great place to go as a family and if you want a wintery escape there is always Charleston.... :)

  2. Oooh...Charleston sounds really nice right now! Just as things started to look like they were warming up here we got hit with another big snowstorm today. Even snowy weather aside, though, I think we're getting serious about making it down to your neck of the woods for a visit sometime within the year. Maddy and the girls just have too much fun together and we miss hanging out with you!

  3. The garden show looked like fun! I love flowers and the pretty displays and the way they set up potential patios. How nice that they had a children's section! LOVED the big nest...too funny!