Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Super Sunbeam!

Today Robyn gave her first scripture share in Primary opening exercises.  She did amazing!!  Even if she had gotten up there and freaked out at the last minute, though, it wouldn't have mattered: what has been really neat has been sharing her enthusiasm over the scriptures this week.  I've caught myself several times saying, "well...ok, if you really want to you can practice ONE more time...;" I've also regularly found her reverently paging through her Book of Mormon with Katie after family scripture study because she "wants Katie to have scripture power too!" 

Knowing how much the scriptures have blessed me and blessed our family, hopefully this is all just the beginning for Robyn of what will be a lifelong "love affair with the word of God."  (<-- Quotation borrowed from President Hinckley. Isn't that a great way to describe it?!) 


  1. wasn't just yesterday when you were repeating the Joseph Smith story and no one could understand you?

  2. VERY impressive!!!! I'll bet she was adorable in church :o)

  3. Not much has changed apparently. I tried sharing a scripture story in Primary TODAY (Samuel) and the kids looked at me like I was speaking Chinese. Maybe Robyn should teach Sharing Time from now on...?