Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're Only Three Once!

In honor of Amber's big day I thought it would be fun to record some of her "favorite things" and share them, followed by pictures of the big birthday bash.  While "brown paper packages tied up with string" didn't make the list, there were still at least a couple of answers that were good for making a mommy smile...

Favorite food: cupcakes
Favorite colors: pink and purple  (surprise, surprise)
Favorite song: The ABC's
Favorite animal: A pig.  And a sheep.  And a penguin.
Favorite place to go: Grandma's house
I help Mommy by: cleaning up
I am happy when I: have a piece of paper (oh the simple joys! :)
For Christmas I want: a present with a notebook inside (hmm...starting to sense a theme...)
I am sad when: my blankie gets lost (a certain yellow blankie might be in the wash today: oh the humanity!)
My best friend is: Katie
For breakfast I really like to eat: Cheerios
For lunch I really like to eat: "cheesy rolls" (burritos)
For dinner I really like to eat: hot dogs
When I grow up I want to be: a ballerina and a mommy  (ahhh.... :)

Despite her official answer, chicken pillows are actually one of Amber's favorite dinners, so we'll put having these on her birthday down as a "good idea."  On the other hand, sticking a wax candle in a super hot chicken pillow?  THAT can go in the "bad idea" category.  There wasn't even enough solid candle left to pull it out--just rivers of molten green goo all over the chicken filling.  Yuck.
The flower children.  Mom sent these great headbands which immediately were put to good use as "party hats."
Ever since Robyn's birthday Amber has said she wanted a flower cake for her birthday, and I kept thinking to myself what a...ahem...piece of cake...that was going to be.  Then suddenly a couple weeks ago she decided she desperately wanted a ballerina cake and the next thing you know we're spending hours trying to make goofy fondant figurines.  I think they turned out kind of cute in the end, at least as far as chubby little frosting people go.
Finally!  Her very own sparkly shoes!
Paging through the storybook Grandma and Dah-Dee-Doh sent. 
Posing with all the loot.
Messy, eh?  Of course, the cake mess was positively yummy compared to the mess she made in the bathtub while we were trying to clean off the first mess.  Sigh. 

Happy Birthday, Amber Carrilynn!


  1. that picture with the sparkly shoes and the super happy face is just about the most adorable thing ever. happy birthday cutie Amber!

  2. What a fun birthday for Amber! LOVED the ballerina cake...good job Melissa! The birthday 'hats' were so very cute =D So glad little Amber had such a happy happy birthday! She deserved it :o)