Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bath-time Gone Wrong. Very Wrong.

We've had some problems with Katie in the bath recently, so really I shouldn't have been surprised.  I even considered not putting Katie in until after the other girls had finished, but Bryan's been out of town the past couple of days and in favor of keeping things moving steadily towards bedtime I decided to be optimistic and put all three of them in together.

It didn't take long for things to go downhill.  The big girls were just starting to pour water back and forth using the fun tea set Grandma sent for Amber's birthday when I looked down at Katie and saw a brown cloud literally swelling around her in the water.

After so many recent accidents, the whole thing has become rather obnoxiously routine.  More annoyed than panicked I decided to evacuate Robyn and Amber first since Katie looked like she  might still be working on something.  In a matter of moments the big girls were hefted out of the tub, the toy dishes were confiscated, and two wet naked toddlers were shooed to the shower in our bathroom where I promised I would come help them as soon as I took care of Katie.

I then turned my head back to Katie...just in time to see her put SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT A TOOTSIE ROLL between her lips.

Gag. Gag. Double-gag.  Gagging again just writing this.

I suppose it could be worse though.  I mean, at least it was fresh and recently rinsed...right?

Katie, our resident mischievous monkey, pulling out nearly all 80 diaper wipes from a  brand new package last night.


  1. I won't look at a tootsie roll quite the same again! lol. I'm still laughing =D. And the picture was the icing on the cake!

  2. Yuck! Well at least it was her own poop...I guess. It must be pretty tough putting 3 kids to bed by yourself!

  3. Melissa, no, I really don't think it could have been worse.

  4. Oh, Estelle, don't disillusion me! I need something to cling to so I don't start gagging again the moment she wakes up.

    In a semi-related note, when are we going to hear more adventures from "Loosely Controlled Chaos?" Katie needs a good kitty-litter-playing (but not eating!) roll model like Shelby to keep her on the straight and narrow!

  5. Oh boy Melissa! I am so glad Lylia never had a moment like that. You are a brave mommy!