Saturday, June 11, 2011

What do Bryan and a flask from a chemistry lab have in common?

They're both graduated!


 When I met Bryan nearly seven years ago he was just starting his freshman year at BYU.  Now, more than five years of marriage, four apartments, three kids, two wards, and one massive radar proposal later, and we're done with school!!

To help celebrate the occasion, Bryan's folks came up from Maryland and Bryan's sister Jennifer made the trek from South Carolina with her kids.  I'm pretty sure Robyn and Amber were convinced cousin Maddy was a long lost sister--they loved having another little girl to play with for the weekend!  And we grown-ups loved getting to spend time with Bryan's family: having them there really made it a special event for our family.  Thanks for coming!!!!  (And thanks for the kind graduation presents...we never knew how incomplete our life was without a gigantic red gummy bear!)

The massive stroller brigade we maneuvered around Cornell.  I wish I'd gotten a better group shot than this...I may need to shamelessly steal pictures from my sister-in-law (an amazing photographer) at some point.

Robyn all ready to graduate.  Only 14 more years until our family's next graduation.  (Other than Joy School Graduation...that's next week... :)

It was especially neat to be able to take everyone down to Ithaca and explore Cornell a little bit the day of the graduation ceremony.  Of course, as we were walking into the engineering building, I nearly panicked as I realized that Bryan had a plaid shirt collar poking over his robe instead of a dressy white one.  Much to Bryan's consternation,  we ended up making him stop so I could frantically shove his collar inside the robe where it wouldn't be seen.  I shouldn't have worried so much: all the other graduates in his department were just as bad. In fact, there were probably more plaid collars than not.  Gotta love engineers.  :)

Anyhow, after countless long nights working on projects and papers and weekends lost studying for tests and finishing homework, we're excited to think of how much more time we might actually get to spend with Bryan now.  Congratulations, Bryan!  You deserve it!!


  1. Yay!!!! You BOTH deserve a big round of applause for a job well done! It was a fantastic weekend with good food and great company :o)

    Who knew a gummi bear could be soooo big?? Go Big Red!

  2. Congrats Bryan and Melissa! I just found out about your blog from Holly and I've been perusing your posts. Such a beautiful family you have and such a fun blog to read. You truly have a gift with words Melissa!