Monday, February 20, 2012

High Five!


Robyn turned five this week.  Weird.  I feel like five marks the end of any illusions we had that she was still a “toddler” (ok…maybe we should have let go of those fantasies a long time ago…), even though it seems like we celebrated her 2nd birthday not that long ago.  (We were living here, in THIS HOUSE, when she turned two…where did the last three years go??!?!?) 


She was a great birthday girl and loved getting to parade her paper crowns from preschool and joy school for two straight days.  It wasn’t her year to do a birthday party with friends, but as luck would have it another fun mom planned a pajama activity at Joy School for the same day, which Robyn really enjoyed. 

Here are five other fun moments from her big day:

1. Blue box dinner.  Robyn got to pick the big family meal for the day and we should have guessed ahead of time that she would choose macaroni and cheese.  She’s a big fan of mix-ins, though, so we were able to make it at least semi substantive by doing one batch of original with peas and a “special” box of white-cheddar shells with chicken and corn stirred in.

2. Look at what it comes with!  Robyn was delighted to get Princess Yahtzee as a birthday present from one of her grandparents.  As soon as the wrapping was off she started inspecting what it included, the excitement reaching a fever pitch when all of a sudden she pointed out the dice tumbler and exclaimed, “Look!  It even comes with a garbage can!”

3. I wouldn’t eat that…  Speaking of mis-identified toy parts, Robyn received a set of Legos from her other grandparents.  With the enthusiasm of a new five year old she worked through the entire instruction booklet in an afternoon, gleefully assembling a cute little house, a car, and even a little Lego dog.  A handful of red translucent pieces were included as brake lights for the car, but ended up enjoying a different fate.  They ended up on a little Lego table as…<drumroll please>… Jell-O.  (Are we good Mormons or what? :)

4. Sam I am.  Robyn got to bring a snack to Joy School on her birthday and she ended up sharing her favorite fruit: kiwi.  It worked out really nice too, since it was also Green Eggs and Ham day at Joy School so the kids were all able to have a green fruit with their green proteins.  Unfortunately, kiwi turns out to be one of Amber’s least favorite foods and it sounds like payback may be in the works: Amber told everyone at Joy School she’s going to bring carrots (one of Robyn’s least favorite foods) when it’s her birthday in May.

5. Already?  When it was finally time to blow out the candles Robyn cheerfully announced her wish: “I wish I was turning six!”

She might want to wish the years ahead, but we’re plenty grateful to enjoy them one at a time.  Happy Birthday, Robyn!


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