Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo Op

Sometimes the girls get a hold of the digital camera and start shooting pictures of what life is really like at home.  Sometimes they take so many pictures they fill up the whole 4 GB memory card.  Generally that means going through and deleting hundreds of random photos of socks, piano benches, hairbrushes, etc.  Every so often, though, they capture a real jewel that would have otherwise been lost forever. 

Today I decided to clean off the memory card. 

Today my suspicions that we are actually raising trolls were confirmed.


  1. I think you just barely posted this and I feel like I dork for seeing it so soon after (Maddy is playing at a friends and Grant is playing next to me probably looking like a troll too). so funny though!

  2. That is absolutely HILARIOUS!!!!!! Next time I delete the 100s of weird photos my kids take on my camera, I'm going to have to look at them first!

  3. I threw my head back and laughed right out loud at this one!!! I am so glad that you have the most recent comments over there- I wouldn't have seen this had it not been for Estelle's comment that piqued my curiosity! Oh how we miss Liverpool!!!!