Saturday, November 17, 2012

Felt Band-aids

This week in Kindergarten Robyn's class talked about "community helpers:" police officers, teachers, fire fighters, and doctors.  For years Robyn has said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and the conversations at school brought that interest back to the forefront.  The long-scattered doctor's kit was reassembled and for days Dr. Robyn has been making house calls to various siblings, parents, and stuffed animals. 

To go along with their pretend play it occurred to me that it wouldn't be hard to make up a handful of felt band-aids, especially since I was already sitting at the sewing machine when the thought struck.  And since whipping up band-aids sounded positively whimsical compared to wrestling the horrid piece of cheap satin I've been doing battle with this week as part of making Christmas dresses, it didn't take much deliberating before suddenly we were in the medical supply business.   A few scraps of felt, some leftover grosgrain ribbon, and fifteen minutes later we had band-aids.

No flesh-colored bandages here!  (Unless you're a smurf.)

Since the band-aids were made of felt they actually stuck to surfaces surprisingly well...including baby clothes.

Poor baby apparently was in pretty bad shape: good thing Dr. Robyn was there to patch him back together!

Our Thanksgiving tree made quite the band-aid magnet.

Now back to work on those Christmas dresses... :)


  1. Love it, especially the band-aids on your Thanksgiving Tree! Now, get back to work on those dresses, I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I meant to ask if those dresses were done today. :)

  3. That is SO fun and I love the patched up baby.

  4. Too cute! All those bandaids on Matthew is hilarious!!