Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gobbledygook at Grandma's

For the fourth time in five years we were able to make the drive to Bryan's folks for Thanksgiving. When I reflect on the insanity that is our family I'm amazed they keep inviting us back.  Which almost makes me hesitant to post pictures because then they might actually remember next time and not invite us back.  Of course, we might just show up anyway in that case, so here come the pictures...

Thanks to Grandma there was plenty of food and plenty of fun surrounding it.   It was especially neat how she found lots of ways for the girls to be involved in the festivities.

Grandma had the neat idea to make little cornucopias out of sugar cones and munchies like M&M's and goldfish.  (Robyn was our special helper when it came time to put these together.)

Robyn, Amber, and their cousin Lylia each brought a small craft to use as centerpieces.
Adding Fruit Loop feathers to Cocoa Crispie-treat turkeys.  (Crazy expression to the contrary, this was Amber's favorite part of the trip.)
Turkey-treat erector set.

And, like always, the table was set beautifully.

Cornucopias at each place setting.  Aren't the blue glasses stunning?

All the details were perfect.  Even the salt and pepper shakers.

The traditional Thanksgiving Kangaroo salt and pepper shakers.  These were Bryan's to his mother when she turned 50.  Because nothing says, "I love you, Mom," like kangaroo crockery.

Of course, I shouldn't poke fun, because my mom gave me this salt and pepper shaker set this year and I actually really like it. :)  Go figure.
All the talk about salt and pepper shakers led Bryan to start poking around for other unusual sets.  Here's hoping they're still selling this little beauty when it's time for Bryan's mom's next big birthday...

Bryan's mom did most of the heavy lifting when it came to the big meal.   Which is probably a good thing, because the result was fantastic.  Besides, who knows what would have happened if we'd been in charge.

For instance, the main course might have been more tyke than turkey.

Matthew weighed approximately the same as the turkey.  Thankfully, he generally doesn't smell anywhere near as a good as a roast turkey so we managed to keep them straight.

We did contribute a little bit in the dessert category though.  Bryan loves this time of year because of all the emphasis on non-cake desserts.

The thing Bryan is most thankful for this time of year: pie pie pie pie PIE!
Turns out Matthew is a pretty big fan of pie too.  You've never seen a baby get so excited about pumpkin pie: he would throw his hands out and dive bomb for each spoonful.

Pumpkin pie: the consistency of baby food, the flavor of grown-up dessert.

Speaking of Matthew, I was clicking through some old pictures and stumbled across this one. My first thought was, whoa, who put the baby in PINK footies??  Then I realized it was Amber at her first Thanksgiving four years ago. 

Name that baby.
Not that we are entirely against girl-ifying our baby boy.  For example, we decided he looked right at home in Grandma's Tinkerbell Chair.

Now, lest those last few somewhat sedentary pictures convince you we were a docile group, I better end with a few to give a better feel for what Grandma and Grandpa were actually up against.

Bodies CONSTANTLY in motion!
Thanks for a wonderful holiday weekend!  We're grateful to have such loving family to spend time with!!


  1. There are so many things I love about this post. I love the decorations, the baby in the turkey pan. I'm impressed he is sitting so well! I love the kangaroo cutlery, and that weird fish thing. Too fun. (:

  2. I laughed pretty good through most of this post! I'm just now catching up on blogs...and this brought back some very fun memories =D. How fun that your mom sent you the cornucopia shacked set!! How perfect with all the talk of 'special' shaker sets....but your mom seems to haves little more discerning taste :-) oh boy....can hardly wait for my next big birthday! Hey...why wait...Gordon's next big one is this year!