Monday, March 4, 2013

Time flies and fruit flies

She's the apple of our eye, a berry special little girl, one of our favorite raisins to smile, and practically pear-fect in every way.  She's Robyn and it's time to go bananas because now she's SIX!!  (Orange you glad you're reading this post? :)

Since Robyn's favorite foods are fruits, we decided to let the produce produce a lot of our birthday fun. 

We sent fruit skewers to school for a birthday treat.  No allergens to worry about and a nice break from the steady stream of sugar we shared with her classroom at the Valentine's Party a day earlier. 

While Robyn was out with Daddy for breakfast, Amber and Katie helped decorate for the day by making fruity balloon garlands. 

We also had fun cutting out pictures from seed catalogs to make fruit-themed collages and tried to name as many fruits as we could.  My favorite, though, was playing k'nex with grapes and toothpicks.  I had been scratching my brain trying to think of something hands-on and creative to do with fruit and a couple of nights before Robyn's birthday I was up feeding Matthew and this idea suddenly hit me.  I'm pretty sure it was inspiration.  Especially with a lego-loving dad, grape construction ended up being a blast.

Robyn's grape creation: a cake with purple grape candles.

Not sure what this is...Eiffel Tower perhaps?

My very special grape unicorn.
While we ate a lot of actual fruit over the course of the day, fake fruit took the cake.  Literally.

It seems like she was just barely born and now all of a sudden she's six.  Crazy.  If I start to dwell on how fast time is flying rather than thinking about what a great girl she's growing into I know I'll start to grow melon-choly, so for now we'll just say it was a great day for a great girl.  Happy birthday, Robyn!

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  1. look at you, so darn cute. I have someone turning six this week. Where does the time go?