Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Women Reunited

Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy we may not be, but we did manage to pull off a decent surprise for "Marmee" this weekend by all showing up to play.  (Mom and Dad knew I was coming to visit from NY.  Dad knew Wendy was sneaking along too.  Neither of them knew about Karin and Lynda.)

Originally, Karin, Wendy, and Lynda were going to arrive together on a flight half an hour before mine.  A Denver snowstorm spoiled that plan and they ended up spending the night darting between Salt Lake, Los Angeles, and Chicago before finally arriving in Minneapolis more than 12 hours later. 

Sisters together at Panera. After surprising mom at the airport we arranged to meet Dad for lunch so Karin and Lynda could surprise him.

These girls have been partying all night all over the country.

Dah Dee Doh (my dad) introduced Matthew to fresh lemon.  It didn't phase him one bit.

No sleep, no luggage: no problem!  My amazingly resilient sisters were game for going straight from the airport, to Panera, and then on to SR Harris Fabric Outlet.

Ooh la la!!  I've never been to SR Harris before, but I am sure I will be going again.  There was fabric piled from floor to ceiling, all discounted, and all gorgeous.  Best of all, we were all there together to swap ideas and opinions with the added benefit of not pressing our husbands' patience. 

Even Matthew had a good time looking at all the different colors and textures.

So much fabric; so little time!

Lynda digging through boxes of zippers.

Not only did I get to see my sisters, but I got to meet my tiny little nephew Andrew.  Matthew was fascinated by Andrew.  I'm not sure the feelings were mutual though.

Future cousins in crime.
Matthew loves his little cousin.
Baby boys!

Although we spent a lot of time running around (, we did occasionally take  a little time to just be at home together.

Wendy hanging out in her old room. 

My cute sisters Wendy and Lynda: sleep-deprived and still smiling!
What eventually happens when you've been going for 24 hours straight.
And then it was back to shopping.  No trip to Minnesota would be complete without a trip to the Mall of America.  And Karin informed us that no trip to the Mall of America would be complete without cupcakes.  Unfortunately, I have been banned from ever carrying the cupcakes again.  (Soooo not my fault! :)

Lynda picking out her cupcake.

Karin posing with the cupcake logo.  Either that or Karin about to eat her baby.  Hmm.

We saved the cupcakes to eat at home in celebration of Wendy's birthday.  And the cupcakes all TOTALLY survived the transport.  Give or take.
We also somehow squeezed in some time for crafting and cooking.  This is where I really wish I had taken more pictures.  Since I didn't, though, we'll do it in list form.  Between Friday and Saturday:

Trying on my new skirt.

Karin made a sock monkey
I made lemon bars
Wendy made wood blocks that spelled out D-R-A-P-E-R
Karin made cherry M&M cookies
I made a black lace skirt
Wendy made Key Lime pie 
Lynda made hair bows out of zippers
We all made pizza
I made a seam ripper

The seam ripper was one of my favorite parts of the trip.  I had a seam ripper kit from Woodcraft and Dad helped me turn it on his lathe.  It was amazing!  I still can't believe we were able to take a piece of wood like this:
Redheart wood blank.
And turn it into this:

Seam ripping will forever be a happier thing just remembering making this with Dad.  Which is a nice thought since I sure do a lot of it.

Speaking of Dad and his woodworking, we made a funny discovery this weekend.  He brought in his box of wood and was showing us different blocks and talking about why he likes each piece and what he thinks he might do with some of them and how there are some he has just because he like them and thinks they might be perfect for something eventually and we realized OUR DAD HAS A STASH!  :D  Ha!

On guard!  (Matthew likes wood too.)
And then suddenly before we knew it the weekend was over and we were all back at the airport headed home. 
Mom and Matthew sneaking in a last snuggle before we were on our way to security.

Baby cousins bidding adieu.

My sisters, off to Denver.  (Where they will once again face flight delays and lost luggage.  So sad!!)

It was definitely a weekend to remember.  And something we will have to do again.

Matthew during our layover on the way home: all smiles after such a great weekend.

Thank goodness for sweet supportive husbands.  (Bryan not only took care of the girls while I was gone, he took them to the Science Museum, went to the dollar theater to see Wreck It Ralph, did crafts with them, got everyone to church just fine, and even painted our bedroom.  I also came home to a completely clean house and a welcome-home banner. Go, Bryan!!)

So how soon is too soon to start thinking about another sisters' retreat? :)

P.S.  And since my mom somehow totally dodged the camera while we were together, here's the video of Lynda and Karin surprising Mom:


  1. What a fun surprise. I love your seam ripper!

  2. It was so so so amazing!! Thanks for posting this, I loved reliving all of it! Let's do this again...somewhere warm!

  3. It was pretty amazing, you just forgot a couple of stops- the Nordicware outlet, target, the family photo shoot and Leann Chin. But it was a great time, lets not wait so long to do it again!