Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Bit of Bunny Business

Bryan had business in Bethesda this week, so we decided to make a family trip of it and spend Easter with his folks in Maryland.  Besides bouncing off the walls at grandma’s enjoying some traditional Easter activities, our little bunnies also got to have lots of fun exploring DC.


The weather was gorgeous!  As we drove towards Maryland it felt like we were literally watching winter melt into spring as gray branches gave way to green buds and bright patches of tulips and daffodils started popping up everywhere.  Robyn loved all the flowers around the museums in DC.


Not only were there flowers outside the museums: we even managed to find some flowers IN the museums.  Amber looked so cute sitting with some of the orchids on display in the museum of natural history that we had to snap a picture. 

The dinosaurs at the museum of natural history were also a hit as was the dollhouse at the museum of American history.



The girls’ very favorite part of going to DC, though, was riding the Metro there.  They love trains!  (Mommy on the other hand, watched both Unstoppable and Source Code within the past week and is now a little leary of them.  Thankfully our trip did not involve any runaway trains or massive explosions…)


Back at Grandma’s house, the girls were all-ears when it came to an all-Easter weekend.  

I almost laughed myself silly when I saw this picture.  I'd actually seen these glasses before in a picture, though, several years ago.  Much to his mother's consternation I'm sure, the very fist picture Bryan ever showed me of his mom was of her wearing the pink ones after Bryan's mission.  Kids, if you're reading this someday, *I* will be picking out the pictures you are allowed to use to introduce me as your mother.  Thank you. 
 We went to a little community egg hunt, dyed hard-boiled eggs with Grandma and Grandpa, and played like crazy outside.  (The girls found eggs in the backyard; Mommy and Daddy got to find hidden IBC cream sodas in the front yard.  Thanks, Carrie!)   Grandma also put together a delicious Easter feast and we gorged ourselves on ham from the Dutch market and yummy homemade frog-eyed salad.  Here are (probably too many) pictures of our Easter-y adventures:
Coloring eggs with Grandma and Grandpa.
Didn't they turn out pretty?

When Bryan saw Amber this morning, his first comment was, "The 60's called...they want their toddler back."  *I* think she looks adorable.

One of the main attractions at Grandma's was the yard full of sunny dandelions.  Grandpa Gordon raises bees and apparently dandelions are one of the first flowers for the poor bees to visit in the spring, so these dandelions are actually welcome--at least for now--in their yard.  Those bees had some tough competition from Robyn and Amber though: they collected fistful after fistful this week!
Katie's favorite part of Easter?  Forget the candy: it's all about the plastic eggs and funky paper grass!
Grandpa Gordon also got out his kites for the girls to play with and Carrie surprised us with some other fun rocket/plane things to shoot in the air.  The person who accidentally shot Grandma in the face with one of those, nearly maiming her for life, shall remain nameless.  (Bryan.  It was ALL Bryan. :)
Isn't this a fun idea?  Carrie set a beautiful table for Easter dinner, including the eggs that we dyed the day before in the decorating. 
Bunny cakes for dessert.  (Well, for one of the desserts...what a spread!)  And I just confirmed with my Mom that growing up when she made these cakes she covered them with colored coconut and NOT cheese like I thought when I was a little girl.  One more messed-up memory officially rooted out.

Thanks for the wonderful week, Carrie and Gordon.  You definitely made certain somebunnies very hoppy!! :)


  1. Can I just say jealous!!! I miss Amish ham and Frog Eyed Salad!!! I want to come home too!!! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. We've already been scheming about all the fun things we'll have to do once your family is in this neck of the woods too! Can't wait for you guys to come out!!