Monday, April 4, 2011

Notable Weekend

This weekend was the Church’s General Conference—a two-day long opportunity to hear from church leaders, including the prophet and apostles.  One of my favorite talks was from Elder Richard G. Scott who mentioned, among other things, that life’s “supernal joys” come from children and families.  After a week that seemed more mundane than supernal, it was a great reminder that even when husbands are traveling and studying, kids are smuggling cheese from the fridge and squirting each other with bleach, and babies are deciding that sleep is sooo last month, things still really couldn’t be better.

pres monson

It was neat this year that the big girls were starting to get into Conference too.  They each had their own notebooks so they could take “notes” like the grown-ups.  Admittedly, my own notes have deteriorated somewhat each time our family has grown (at this point there just aren’t enough laps to go around!), but at least the girls got some good pictures in.  I especially liked Robyn’s drawing of President Monson:


Not bad, eh?

The Follow-the-Prophet-fun even extended into bath time.  Robyn and Amber decided to act out a rousing version of Noah’s Ark ala Disney Princesses after the Saturday sessions.  (Hint: Belle is Noah and the other princesses are his family.  Except for Snow White.  She’s apparently President Monson.) 


Finally, here’s a glimpse at one of our Conference weekend treats.  We enjoyed a giant German Pancake for breakfast on Sunday.  It may have looked funky, but it was delicious!  There are definitely perks to having a Sunday where “church” doesn’t start until noon!


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  1. President Monson never looked better! lol German pancake looks mighty inviting. I must agree that I really enjoyed Elder Richard G. Scott's talk also.

    It WAS a great weekend.