Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marker Mayhem

Quiet time today went perfectly.  No whining.  No sneaking food upstairs.  No waking up Katie.  No messing up Mommy’s room.  Nope.  All I heard coming from Robyn and Amber’s room was the happy chit-chat of two little girls calmly reading books and coloring pictures on a rainy afternoon.  After a long morning (we had a Primary presidency meeting with TEN children four-years-old and younger at our house), what a relief that the girls were determined to be so good! 

Why do I bother checking on them when ignorance is so much pleasanter?



I wish I had thought to take pictures before the girls were in the bath.  Amber was already clean before I got the camera, but let’s just say there was marker in places no marker should ever be. 

Consequences?   The girls’ beloved art supplies are currently taking a nice long sabbatical on a very high shelf.  And Mommy?  Mommy will try harder to remember these sage words:

“Therefore, wo be unto her that is at ease during quiet time.  Wo be unto her that crieth: All is well.” 

Wo indeed.


  1. ignorance is so much pleasanter I agree... :) (glad we're not the only ones that have seen markers do things we never imagined they could do. oh boy)

  2. Oh ho ho ho! Did you see my latest blog entry about Shelby being TOO quiet? It's ALWAYS trouble. Big trouble. Why do we never learn? How the heck are you going to get the marker off of hardwoods? Eee