Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back from Bowman Lake

And the camping season begins! Bryan worked a half-day on Friday, then we headed south to Bowman Lake State Park and our first over-nighter of the summer.

2011-07-08 16.11.33
Setting up camp and putting out the family flag.  Bryan took some exception to it being mounted in the cat-scratcher, but we figured Marshmallow never uses it and this way maybe some lucky raccoon could get a good scratch in.
2011-07-08 16.26.40
Speaking of wildlife, here's one of our favorite critters scavenging away...

2011-07-08 16.51.37
The weather was too iffy for swimming, but the lake was still beautiful to look at from the playground.  There was also a nature trail that we took part way around the lake.  Instead of a path, you followed the trail by looking for trees marked with yellow circles, which the girls really enjoyed hunting for. 
2011-07-08 16.52.50
Our Amber and her million-dollar smile.

2011-07-08 18.38.04
Dinner time! 
2011-07-08 18.38.23
Spying on the local flora and fauna
2011-07-08 22.39.27
Bryan and I stayed up around the campfire a while after the girls went to bed.  (We had the most incredible fire, courtesy of the super-cheap wood they sold at this particular state park!)  When we came back to the check on the kids, Katie had wiggled her way into the center of the tent.  She kept up that pattern all night.  One time I woke and panicked when I couldn't find her, eventually discovering her curled up with Amber; another time I woke up to find her sprawled on top of me.  She slept through the night though, so even with the wanderings I think we still come out ahead of last year where we were doing double-night feedings!
2011-07-09 08.53.37
Our fellowship of the campfire-ring, complete with elf, hobbit, and dwarf.  Hopefully we'll be able to plan another adventure for them soon!


  1. They are way to clean! I'm super impressed, we are always a mess when we are camping! Looks way fun!

  2. Karen's right....they are a little too clean!

    Katie's pictures cracked me up! So funny!! I enjoy the captions....half of the fun of the pictures :-). Looks like you had a fun time.

    Let the camping fun begin!!! =D