Monday, July 18, 2011

Something Sweet Instead

After last week’s post, it’s probably time to balance things out with something non-disgusting.  Since I  think getting to play and cuddle with little girls in pajamas is one of the cutest perks of mommyhood, maybe we’ll share some photos of the girls in their new nightgowns and hopefully cancel out any lingering images of mice guts. 
 2011-07-06 20.06.51

When I got home from the fabric store with the material, Bryan looked at it pretty skeptically.  In fact, I think the exact words out of his mouth were, “Say, while you were gone Little House on the Prairie called: they want their nightgowns back.”  He has since grudgingly admitted they are pretty cute, very snuggly (they’re made out of “cozy flannel”—I just want to cuddle up to the girls when they wear them!), easy to get on-and-off, and so much better than the random sweatpant/T-shirt combinations we’d been doing this summer.  (Another bonus: the girls really like wearing them, so getting ready for bed goes that much smoother.)

2011-07-11 07.41.32
2011-07-11 07.41.50
Roasting marshmallows in our front room.  The girls' playtime continues to revolve around all things camping.

Ahh, cute little girls doing cute little things.  We’re forgiven for the popping, oozing, rotting mouse carcass story now, right?  :D


  1. LOL, it is so good to hear Bryan's humor is still there! I think that is the best comment ever, although I like the night gowns. It still made me laugh!

  2. very cute nightgowns, i love them!

  3. My daughter has camping pretend play, too! Loves to roast marshmallows.

    Great job on the nightgowns.

  4. Very cute nightgowns....can't wait to take a turn snuggling with them sometime! Good to see them practicing their marshmallow roasting...practice makes perfect =D

  5. Darling girls in darling nightgowns! Good job!