Thursday, July 21, 2011

Long-Term Living Arrangements

Conversation with the girls this afternoon.  If only things really could play out this way...

Robyn: When I grow up I want to live here in this house with you, Mom.

Me:  But what if when you grow up you get married and have your own little kids?  Maybe you would want your own house?

Robyn:  Hmmm.  Ok, but I'll live really close.  Close enough so I can walk to your house everyday.

Amber (as she comes in the room):  I want to live far away when I grow up.

Me: Where will you live?

Amber:  I'll go live with Grandma when I grow up.  That would be fun.

Me:  That does sound like fun.

Amber:  But you can still come visit me, Mom.  You can come over everyday to play.

Robyn:  And when I grow up and live near you, Mom, I will bring all my cute babies over for you to see.

Me:  I would like all of that.

Robyn:  But you will have to clean the house before I come.  And you will have to clean it all by yourself without us.

Amber:  Yes, you will have to clean all of it by yourself: the kitchen, the basement, and the diamond room.

Me:  The diamond room?

Amber:  Yes, the diamond room where we eat.

Me:  And what about Katie?

Robyn:  She's going to live in the house next to me near you.  That way she can do all the dishes.

Glad we have a plan.  :D


  1. Lylia and I have conversations about monkey's I'd much rather conversations like this! lol.

  2. Oh, we talk about monkeys too. Just today Amber was telling us about how it was the monkeys' job to eat all the bananas and how she wanted that job someday too.

  3. Speaking of jobs. Jared's new principal was asking the boys what they want to do when they grow up. Jared said: "I used to want to be an artist. Now I just want to play video games." Great.
    Your girls are so funny! I love them!