Thursday, February 7, 2013

Once there was a Snowman

It was our turn to have Amber's Joy School at our home last week and I happened to finally remember to take some pictures of our crazy preschool fun.  We're just starting the unit on Rules and Decision-making and it turns out snowmen are very very good at following rules.  If it's cold they stay snowy.  But if it gets warm...they have to melt.  It's the rule.  And snowmen are always very good at following rules.

Building the snowman.  Yes...that's Katie eating snow in the corner.  Sigh.

Our new Joy Schooler: Joshua Snowman, officially named by Amber.  Not to be confused with the real Joshua hiding behind the snowman.

That was Tuesday.  This was the scene by the time we had Joy School again on Thursday.  See?  Snowmen are VERY good at following rules.
Even though our friend Joshua Snowman melted away the next day, we still tried to work a few snowman activities into our class on Thursday.

Like drawing snowmen with white crayons on colored paper.

Amber's favorite part of Joy School is always craft time.

And eating snowmen pancakes for snack.  This worked well since I'd told Amber we could have a pajama day for joy school and breakfast foods are just more fun eaten mid-morning in pj's with friends.

Watch out Snowmen: here come's Amber!
While the grass was nice while it lasted, here's the view out the window today:

Snowmen may be good at following the rules, but they can sure still cause trouble!  That sad little pile of snowman up in the right corner caused untold grief when we couldn't remember where Robyn's hat, scarf, and mittens had gone this morning...
And we're due for another 6-12 inches in the next 36 hours.  Perhaps there is a snowman reunion in our future?

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