Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day to Dye For

Those who have forgotten the fun of February 14 as a children's holiday and who would also rather not be bothered with seemingly arbitrary romantic responsibilities have accused the greeting card companies of "making-up" Valentines Day.  Surely the food coloring industry is in on it too.  Yesterday we squeezed and swirled scarlet drops into all sorts of things, including breakfast cereal, bathwater, and big bowls of frosting.  The results? Our pink-est day to-date. 

What could say love better than a steaming bowl of pink Cream of Wheat and raisins?

We even installed a pink bathtub for the occassion.  Oh.  Wait.  No we didn't.  We are blessed to have access to a pink bathtub EVERYday!  How did we ever get so lucky?

Time for the traditional sugar cookies.  We decided to decorate them together for Family Home Evening last night.

Documenting out bad parenting for posterity's sake.  At least we didn't give her frosting too, right?

This might be the real reason the bathwater was pink at our house yesterday!

And since every good Valentines should involve getting dressed up for a night out, here are a couple of pictures of Robyn testing out Mom's heels yesterday. 

Happy Valentines from our family to yours!


  1. Mmmm... Sugar cookies! Did you have skittles on them? Karin did and I wished I had skittles on mine.

  2. We had a pink tub in Pennsylvania too! Weird. Is your toilet pink too? That would be really weird.

  3. I LOVE sugar cookies....they're my favorite! Katie's picture looks like she is on a sugar high with those eyes!! I don't know about that pink cream of wheat.....I think I will avoid your house on St. Patrick's Day! lol