Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Beans About It

For Valentines Day we made the Primary teachers in our ward little bean bags.  (Aren't bean bags great?  Every class should have a bean bag.  Bryan actually used one in Elders' Quorum the other week and apparently even grown-up boys have an easier time focusing when there's a bean bag involved!) 

Robyn and Amber loved hanging out while we turned the pile of flat flannel squares into bulging little bags.  They especially enjoyed handing me the empty ones and then having them returned perfectly plump and ready for counting/stacking/pummeling. 

As we sat there working on them I found myself thinking about how many ways my life has been blessed by Primary teachers. 

1.  I have been blessed by having wonderful Primary teachers as a child.  From blind Sister Kersey and her seeing-eye dog in Sunbeams to Brother Jackson and his missionary handshakes in our Valiant class; from the beautiful nurse in Junior Primary who gave me a little pumpkin pin I still wear each Halloween to the understanding Merrie Miss teacher who prepared lessons each week even though I was the only girl in the class, I am indebted to all of the Primary teachers who took time to help nurture the faith of a Primary child. 

2.  I have been blessed by teaching Primary classes.  Oh, sure, there have been classes that have made me go home and literally cry in frustration, and at least one pair of CTR boys who escaped and made it all the way to the microphone in the chapel before I caught up with them, but how lucky to be a Primary teacher!  When you're a Primary teacher, you learn as you prepare your lesson, you learn from the kids as you teach, and I'm convinced other blessings come into your life that seem unrelated but are completely connected to service given in Primary.  You also get to make some really great friends who just happen to be in little bodies.

3.  I am being blessed to have my children taught by Primary teachers.  We're just starting on this journey, but Robyn already loves Sunbeams and I am grateful for her teacher now and for the wonderful experiences she and her sisters have to look forward to as they learn at the feet of faithful Primary teachers.

The service of a Primary teacher is often isolating, rarely applauded, and frequently frustrating, but I'm convinced that the Savior has a tender place in His heart for all of His undershepherds who week after week care for His little lambs.

There are definitely no beans about it: Primary teachers are amazing!


  1. Wonderful! I love the bean bags and your thoughts... then again I always love your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nicely stated! Hurray for Primary teachers :o)