Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Royal Treatment

Somehow we continue to dodge the diseases that are apparently running rampant at church.  A week ago we had Primary with fewer than half of our teachers and a whole class of children home sick.  (Very bad.) Today the meeting I was supposed to be at was canceled last minute because everyone else involved had sick family members.  (Not so bad.)  Suddenly finding ourselves facing a morning alone at home, the girls and I decided it was time for an elegant little ladies’ luncheon.

Prominent on the guest list were Aurora and her princess-pal Cinderella.


The menu?  Applesauce cookies and apple juice.  Around the time Amber was born we used to make applesauce cookies regularly and Robyn loved them!  We always used Bryan’s great-grandmother’s recipe, including chopped walnuts.  Then we found out about Robyn’s peanut allergy and, unsure whether walnuts would suddenly become a problem too, I stopped making them.  Turns out they’re just as good nut-free!

Pouring apple juice out of a tiny toy teapot brought back memories of Mom having apple-juice-parties with Karin and me in Texas.   I can’t believe that was more than a quarter century ago!


A bird’s eye view of the princess compound.


Only royalty allowed!  They were having such a good time I let them eat lunch in their castle too.

Would it be wrong to hope for more other-people-sick-days this week?


  1. Definitely adorable. I love how you got the real little kid (and Mommy stuffed into a tiny tent) view of them through the tunnel. That looks like a great time, you're such a fun mom. :)

  2. Hope you have more other-people-sick days :o) I love those cookies too! Her name was Alice Larson. (the great grandmother)