Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Melly’s Dance Studio



Another storm system came through yesterday, this one dropping eight inches of wet sloppy snow.  With slippery streets and near white-out conditions, they decided to cancel the girls’ morning dance class.  Foolishly, though, I didn’t check my email before wrestling the girls into leotards and tights.  Rather than switch back into play clothes and resign ourselves to a sedentary morning, though, we decided to roll up the carpet in the front room and have dance class at home. 

While I am undoubtedly the least-qualified person in the world to teach dance, we still managed to muster our way through some silly stretches, a review of first and second position, and then lots of creative movement, all to the soundtrack of the Primary 1 CD.  My favorite part was dancing around with each of the girls by themselves for a few minutes at the very end. 




It was probably good that visibility was low enough someone walking down the street couldn’t see in our window, because we probably looked pretty silly sashaying with stuffed animals, but it was easily the most fun I’ve had dancing since the great backwards-leotard-episode of the early eighties.



  1. This was a sweet post. I love dancing little girls :o) LOVED them in their little leotards. So glad they are going to dance class again :o)

  2. I think this is awesome! Wish I could have been there in my pink tights too!