Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Princess Preschool

This week we seem to be hosting Princess Preschool at our home.

Back in January we split the Joy School--now 10 children strong--into two randomly rotating groups.  This Tuesday and Thursday it's our turn to teach and the class for the week happens to include lots of  little girls, each enamored with a different Disney debutante.  By the end of free play time our back room looked like an enchanted wardrobe had exploded, although thankfully these girls were also each part-Cinderella and  more than capable of getting things cleaned up before Gunny Bag made his rounds.

Although the dress-ups were the big hit of the morning, our actual focus for the week is the Joy of Curiosity, which looks like it's going to be one of my favorite units of the year.  On Thursday we'll get to do lots of experiments and "discovery" activities.  Today, though, focused more on observation  (or "noticing" as they called it in the lesson), including taking a walk outside to "notice" things.  I think the biggest thing I noticed,  was just that it was COLD!   The Minnesotan-in-me knows that a whole 14 degrees above zero should feel pleasantly balmy, but the other 95% of me was more than happy to go inside and enjoy "noticing" winter by looking out our window from a nice warm living room. 

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